Societies & Meetings

Tri-State+ Conference on Animal Learning & Behavior

Last annual meeting:

2019:  May 3-4, Oakland University

Comparative Cognition Society

Next annual meeting of the International Conference on Comparative Cognition (CO3): 


2020:  April 1-4, Melbourne Beach, FL

Developmental Neurotoxicology Society

Next annual meeting:

2019:  June 23-26, San Diego, CA

Pavlovian Society

Next annual meeting:

2019:  October 3-6, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Society for Neuroscience

Next annual meeting:

2019:  Oct. 19-23, Chicago, IL

2020:  Oct. 24-28, Washington, DC

2021:  Nov. 13-17, Chicago, IL

International Society for Comparative Psychology

Last biennial meeting: 


2018:  UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Meeting website.

Past meetings:


2016:  Sydney, Australia

2014:  Bogota, Colombia, Meeting website.
2012:  Jaen, Spain, Meeting website.
2010:  Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan, Meeting program.
2008:  Buenos Aires, Argentina, Meeting program.

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