Honors Theses

Rajaa Thalluri, Honors Thesis 2016

Honors Thesis title: Assessment of Cognitive Deficits and Sex Differences in Adult Rats after Adolescent Methylphenidate Exposure

Alison Dickerhoof, Honors Thesis 2012

Honors Thesis title: Associative Learning versus Rule-Learning: A Computer Model of Pattern Phrasing Effects

Colleen Trhlik, Honors Thesis 2010

Honors Thesis title: Rat Serial Pattern Learning: Interleaved Pattern Transfer

Jennifer Knick, Honors Thesis 2001

Honors Thesis title: The Use of Counting and Timing in Serial Pattern Learning in Rats

Aimée M. Benson, Honors Thesis 1996

Honors Thesis title:  Rel ati veT imi ng:  The Effect of Temporal Structure on Serial Pattern Learning

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